Managed Services

Technical, Virtual or Cloud

Let Computer & Network Paramedics handle the day-to-day operations of your information systems and technology. Our managed services include, but are not limited to, remote desktop and server support, monitoring, maintenance, and backup, cloud and virtualization services, and hosted VoIP solutions.

Remote Monitoring & Back-Up

From server monitoring, performance monitoring and network security to server analytics, CNP empowers your company with an IT specialist that proactively watches its systems and reacts before anything can truly impact productivity.  To prevent downtime, CNP offers real-time monitoring of your systems directly from our office.

Utilizing remote monitoring and support tools, our system alerts helpdesk personnel that immediately dispatch resources to respond and resolve Internet outages, firewall problems, server or critical application issues, even report last night’s backup - all at no additional fee.


Virtualization is a way to make more efficient use of today’s high-performance CPUs, by letting you run multiple servers on the same hardware. More servers on a machine reduces the need for physical servers, which reduces hardware, space and power costs. Virtualization helps dramatically reduce your capital and operating costs in addition to increasing your IT staff’s productivity and responsiveness with better control over desktops, servers, and applications...
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Cloud Computing

"What is the cloud, and is it for me?" It is a question we hear every day from new and existing customers. Every web application that you've ever used, like Gmail, Google Calendar, Hotmail, SalesForce, Dropbox, and Google Docs, are based on cloud computing, because when you connect to one of these services, youre really connecting to a massive pool of servers somewhere out there on the internet.

Every business is different and has its own specific requirements and needs. And while one cloud offering may be the perfect solution for one company, it can be totally unsuitable for another. However, using the cloud to support a different aspect of the business may very well be a perfectly viable option...
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Voice Over IP Solutions

The benefits of Voice Over IP (VoIP) can prove tremendously advantageous to almost any business.  With a VoIP-based system, works can easily access your company's network via any internet connection.  THey can check voicemail and email, access project data; even place domestic and long-distance calls easily - and virtually.
By offering significant infrastructure savings, CNP is able to increase efficiencies and lower telecom costs with a VoIP-based phone system for your business.  We create a customized, scalable business phone system that offers both high quality voice and data delivery over a single network.  Plus, with our friendly and professional tech support, after-hours emergency support is available 24x7.


Computer & Network Paramedics, Inc. is a total computer & networking solutions company, incorporated since 2002. Located in Delaware County, Computer & Network Paramedics (CNP) provides networking services in areas near Trainer, Norwood, and Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. CNP also provides networking services in and near Philadelphia, PA. If you are within or even just outside of Philly, we'll be there to your rescue!